We made it to the end of winter term!

We’ve made it to exam time, under extraordinary circumstances — give yourself some congratulations! We’ve been meeting virtually each Monday since mid-March using the Zoom videoconferencing software, and it has worked reasonably well (despite the lack of ability to collectively have some tea). Pagans of Carleton members are discussing what we want to do duringContinue reading “We made it to the end of winter term!”

In-person meetings suspended for W2020

Carleton U. classes are suspended Mon-Tue Mar 16-17 and moving on-line only starting Wed Mar 18 and all events on campus have been cancelled through April 30, 2020 as a preemptive measure to limit the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, we will be suspending in-person meetings of Pagans of Carleton for the rest ofContinue reading “In-person meetings suspended for W2020”

Fall 2019 updates

Hello Internet! We’ve created this WordPress page because our beloved Witchvox site will soon disappear as Witchvox retires after more than 22 illustrious years. To give an idea of what we do, here are a couple of our past events: * Tuesday September 17, 5:30-7:00 p.m., in Tory Tunnel T27 (the CU Spirituality Centre): TeaContinue reading “Fall 2019 updates”

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